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FROM: Shannon Reardon
Member: NSPI

This is the 3rd time we've used Pool Route Brokers in assisting in selling our route. Each time it gets easier and easier! The level of friendliness and professionalism is unexcelled.

FROM: Sherwood Nance
Paradise Pools

Good service all the way through to escrow. The sale was made easy with Pool Route Brokers; they are great people to work with.

FROM: David McCollum
Dave's Pool & Spa Service
Member: UPA

Very professional and seamless experience from the beginning to end. Pool Route Brokers, the people I mean, were very enjoyable to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Thanks for everything.

FROM: Brian Mickas
Diamond Pool & Spa Service
Member: IPPSA

I found Frank Passantino and his entire staff to be knowledgeable and available to answer any questions about purchasing a pool route.
They were very courteous and friendly throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pool route, especially buyers who are new to the business.

FROM; Richard Steinert
Richard's Pool Service

I received excellent and fast service!

FROM: Brenda Cox
Better Pools

Pool Route Brokers did an excellent job from start to finish selling our route. They were helpful and professional from start to finish too! Not only was Frank delightful to deal with, but the whole staff. Maria and Karen are super efficient! Thank you doing such a great job for us!

FROM: Chris Castillo
Castillo & Sons Pool Care
Member: IPPSA

The application and sale of my accounts went very smoothly. I liked how Pool Route Brokers, Inc. listed and sold my accounts within my time table.
I would recommend Pool Route Brokers, Inc. to other pool professionals.

FROM: Louis Annibali
Golden State Pools
Member: IPPSA

I was very happy with the way Pool Route Brokers conducted business. They did so in a professional manner. My phone messages were always promptly returned!

FROM: Felice Botkin
Paloma Pool Service

We have worked with PRB on 3 transactions. They have always been professional, friendly, and hardworking, very hardworking.
We highly recommend this company. Everyone in this organization is great!

FROM: Cody Gleason
Parrothead Pool Service
Member: UPA

This was my second time purchasing. Joe was very helpful in finding a seller who would put together a route I was looking for. Thanks again!

FROM: Peter Iannello
Pete's Reliable Pool Care
Member: IPPSA

Recently retired from Pete's Reliable Pool Care, I sold the business, plus the inventory, truck, company name. The buyers were pretty excited to get started. Pool Route Brokers, Inc. did a marvelous job; they sold the business in three weeks. I was pleased working with Pool Route Brokers; they stayed on top until the end.

FROM: Keith Kechik
West Coast Pool & Spa

Pool Route Brokers did an excellent job facilitating an acquisition for us. They were professional, complete, and thorough during the purchase. Thank you very much Frank!

FROM: Patty Schmider
Clear Pools

I'm very satisfied with the purchase of my pool route. Frank Passantino made the transaction go very smoothly. Hope to do business again in the future.

FROM: Rafael Valles Jr.
Xstream Pool & Spas

With many ventures in our professional lives there are times when we really don't know what to expect, when I first contacted "Pool Route Brokers" I found myself in just that predicament, but right off the bat Maria, who first took my call put me at ease. The peace of mind knowing that the business I had nurtured and watched grow was being handled by people who knew thoroughly the integral mechanics of the pool industry and more importantly cared. Through the waiting period I was kept up to date on the progress of my pool routes, with updated calls from Maria. When a buyer was found and the sale process was initiated I honestly must say that I was impressed with efficiency with which it all was handled. All in all I will say "Thank-you" to Pool Route Brokers for a job well done and hope that my testimonial helps to appease any doubts potential buyers or sellers might have. Keep up the good work!

FROM: Tom Kokjohn
Rancho Bernardo Pool & Spa
Member: UPA

I was very pleased working with such professionals!

FROM: Paul Welch
Member: IPPSA

I bought my first 60 accounts from Pool Route Brokers in 1994, since that time I have sold 300 accounts through Pool Route Brokers and have never had a bad experience. I've found sellers to be very helpful and buyers very eager to learn. Which has made a pleasant experience for all concerned.

FROM: John Montgomery
Superior Pool & Spa
Member: IPPSA

Everything was handled professionally!

FROM: Jim Crawford
Oakhills Pool Service
CITY: Cameron Park
I want to thank PRB for handling the sale of my route so professionally.  The person taking over the route is perfect and the people at PRB have been wonderful.  They made it easy for me to sell my route without having to worry about all the little legal details that are important these days.  Thanks Maria.

FROM: David Luthy
Town & Country Pool Service
CITY: Pleasant Hill
It has been a pleasure working with PRB.  They truly have helped in all areas of the transition during the sale of our pools.  Great communication in aspects before, during and after the sale.  We want to thank all of you and if we need your services in the future, look forward to working with your professional team. 

FROM: John Shipley
Shipley Pools
CITY: Lafayette
I'm very happy with the way Pool Route Brokers conducts business.  It's a very professional company.  I have been working with them for several years and have always had good results.  I highly recommend PRB to anyone.

From: Luke Karver
Date: 5-3-04

Pool Route Brokers took the anxiety out of selling my business. I didn't have to do much; just turn it over to them.  They did all the work.  I didn't know that selling a business would go so easy and smooth.  Thank you so much for your kind and professional help.

From: John Heuerman
Absolutely Clear Pool Service

Our experience with Pool Route Brokers was exactly what you would expect from true professionals. Everyone involved made the process enjoyable and painless. We wouldn’t hesitate to do further business with them. If you are considering getting into the pool service business, don’t try it without Pool Route Brokers. Thanks to Maria and the entire team.
John and Jonathan Heuerman

From: Arlene Daniel
Date: 4-2-04

I found “Pool Route Brokers” to be ever so professional and friendly, both with our company and the Buyers of our routes.

Every transaction went so smoothly, it was a real pleasure doing business with them.
I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in selling pool routes.
We have told several of our associates about them.

John and Arlene Daniel

From: Bill Damron
Pearl Blue Pool Service
Date: 5-1-04

Very pleased with everything in this transaction between all parties.

I will recommend PRB to any sellers or buyers in this business!!

Thanks again,

FROM: James P. Jones
CITY: San Diego

My name is James Jones, owner of Mr. Jones Pool Service, located in the greater San Diego area. I was lucky enough to be referred to Pool Route Brokers when looking to sell my pool accounts on two different occasions. Pool Route Brokers sold the first half of my pool route that had taken me over five years to build, at top dollar within 90 days of acceptance. I later contacted Pool Route Brokers to sell my remaining pool accounts. Once again, Pool Route Brokers sold my accounts in no time at all at the rate I desired. They are not only fast and efficient, the sale staff is family operated and, due to their hands-on skills, have gone from my brokers to a group of five people that I consider friends. I would highly recommend Pool Route Brokers to anyone I know!

FROM: John Bettencourt
CITY: Hemet, CA

I am very pleased with the work Pool Route Brokers did for me. They made me feel safe and legally protected, by the way the contracts are written, and also by explaining to the buyer the details of the contract. It has been almost two years since I sold the route, and the buyer and myself still help each other with pool cleaning and repairs.

FROM: David Mottler
CITY: Los Angeles

P.R.B. sold my route in a very short time and at a very good price. I'm very satisfied.

FROM: Phil & Sandra Smith
CITY: Danville, CA

Sale: Happy with finding buyers quickly.
Great support through escrow.
Very friendly work team at Pool Route Brokers!

FROM: Gerald H. Soldner
CITY: Ranchos Palos Verdes

Pool Route Brokers were very professional and helpful in my purchase of my pool service account. All documentation was received on time, all questions answered. Pool Route Brokers provided useful information to help set up my accounts which in turn helped me get started servicing my accounts in a professional way. Any time I called, I was always treated in a courteous and professional way. I would recommend their services in the future.

FROM: John Zomerdyke
San Diego, CA

We sold pools through Pool Route Brokers, and they did it all. It was a pleasant experience.

FROM: Ken and Becky
Ultraclean Pool and Spa Service
Valencia, CA
Member Affiliation: IPPSA

We were very pleased with the professional, efficient, and customer oriented services provided by Pool Route Brokers. They not only matched us up with pools in the area we were looking to establish accounts in, but they also matched us up with a very professional seller who aided in the transition and training of the individual account requirements. Pool Route Brokers also quickly reimbursed us for any accounts we did not take over.

We were so happy with the comfort they gave us in ensuring the sale went smoothly that we gladly referred one of our friends, for which Pool Route Brokers gave us a referral fee.

FROM: Phil
Hiles Pool Srvice
Ramona, CA

It has been my pleasure to work with Pool Route Brokers, especially Maria Passantino. During an unfamiliar process, Maria kept in constant contact, answered every question, and was very helpful and supportive. They provided all the information I needed, including manuals, examples of common forms and contracts, how and when to advertise, where to get certification, and much more.

I am now a successful small business owner, and I owe much of the credit to Pool Route Brokers. 

FROM: Jesse
Hollywood, Ca

I am happy with my decision to sell my route and buy through Pool Route Brokers. You guys seem to cover all angles in everything involved with buying and selling a pool route. My new route is working out good, and I hope the new owner of my old route is equally happy.

FROM: Maysoun
Aliso Viejo, Ca


Excellent service. The experience was an opportunity for us to share a great business with a new owner.

Thank you for your assistance!

FROM: Chris
Palm Desert

As always, I enjoyed working with the good people at Pool Route Brokers.

FROM: Darren
Sacramento, Ca

Very smooth transaction, very informative and helpful. Thank you so much Frank and Maria. My business is flourishing, and I would recommend you to any friends or people who are looking for a career change to a well-paid, stress-free environment.

Thank you.

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